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Tobacco Merchant Accounts and Payment Processing

Tobacco merchants work in an non-traditional industry, which can make finding the right payment processor to help your tobacco shop thrive immensely difficult. Whether you run a brick and mortar smoke shop, or an online tobacco shop, you will need a payment processor that works with you, and doesn't make things more difficult for your business.

This is where US Merchant Systems comes in. We work with many non-traditional industries, including tobacco merchants, to ensure they are treated fairly and respectfully. Many payment processors steer away from these industries because of the complexity, but not US Merchant Systems. We work with any company in need of payment processing. Learn how we can help tobacco merchants, as well.

US Merchant Systems and Tobacco Merchants

As mentioned above, US Merchant Systems is different from any other payment processor out there. Unlike our competitors, we will not treat tobacco merchants unfairly or terminate your contract due to high chargebacks. We understand this industry can be difficult, but it is always in high demand.

Tobacco merchants often have a difficult time obtaining a quality payment processor because of the stigma associated with the products they sell. Issues such as fraudulent charges and underage tobacco use worry many payment processors, but we believe in trust, and we trust you to run your business in a moral manner.

E-Cigarette Merchant Accounts

Seeing as electronic cigarettes have taken up a significant market share in the tobacco industry, we understand it is equally important for these merchants to have a trusted payment processor, as well. While e-cigarettes are technically a separate product, it is still included in the tobacco industry, which has lead to the same stigma being attached to these products, as well.

Once again, US Merchant Systems does not hesitate to help these non-traditional industries. We will work tirelessly to ensure your tobacco merchant account meets your exact needs, whether you solely sell electronic cigarettes, or traditional tobacco products.

Just like traditional tobacco merchants, we are able to provide both brick and mortar e-cigarette merchants, as well as online e-cigarette stores.

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If you are a tobacco merchant who has had a difficult time obtaining a reputable payment processor, US Merchant Systems is here to help. We work with both traditional and non-traditional industries to ensure they receive the care and attention they deserve.