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Political Campaign Merchant Services

US Merchant Systems supports all types of political campaigns and candidates and is party affiliation neutral. In order to run a successful and efficient campaign, you will need to accet donations from your loyal supporters.

With USMS, you can process directly through us or, for complete turn key campaign solutions, work through our partner company DonationSafe.

USMS and DonationSafe Political Campaign Services

DonationSafe is an industry leading company that allows you, your campaign, business or non-profit to accept online donations in a secure, seamless and hassle free manor. With USMS and donation safe, you can be sure your donations are being handled properly and with the utmost care.

At DonationSafe, we are much more than a way to accept credit cards. Our focus is on the customer and making sure that all of their online fundraising and customer service needs are met.

Our company is run by individuals that have a background in political consulting, non-profits, business, website development and online security. Because of this diverse experience, we understand the needs and focus on the complete spectrum of online fundraising, from the individual donor and their security needs all the way through the treasurer and their reporting needs.

Strengthen Your Campaign with USMS

When you choose to utilize the many merchant services to grow your political campaign, you are joining an experienced team of professionals. Between USMS and DonationSafe, there isn't anything that can hold your campaign back. You can contact us here or call us at 800-655-8767 to get started with USMS today!