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Since the early days of the internet, US Merchant Systems has been uniquely positioned as one of the leading companies in providing e-commerce payment solutions.

USMS E-commerce Services

#1 Accept secure payments from customers on your web site with your Internet merchant account.

Our systems connect your web site directly to a secure server environment. Once the customer enters the necessary data on a secure payment transaction page, we quickly process the transaction in real-time (3 to 9 seconds) and return the customer back to your site. Easy, fast and affordable.

In addition to our own gateway, US Merchant Systems supports all major e-commerce gateways including:, Cybersource, USA E-pay, E-processing Network, and more.

#2 Turn virtually any computer into your own credit card terminal.

Our online gateways enable you to log into your account from any web browser in the world, any time of day, and manually process orders received by mail, phone or fax. This is your 'virtual' credit card terminal.  Or, simply add an inexpensive card reader and turn any PC, Mac, or other computer into a credit card swipe terminal.

#3 Process recurring transactions easily.

For businesses that need to charge customers on a recurring basis, our gateway solutions provide easy, secure and reliable systems for doing so. All systems are fully PCI Compliant.

#4 Reduce chargebacks and fraudulent transactions

Our systems fully support state of the art online fraud prevention tools for e-commerce businesses.

#5 Accept electronic checks or ACH payments

Our gateway systems are not limited to just credit card payments. You can accept a full range of payments including: Electronic Checks, ACH or EFT, whether for one time payment or recurring billing purposes.

#6 Accept credit cards through your mobile device!

Bring your virtual terminal with you wherever you go on your internet connected mobile device. Use your Iphone, Blackberry, Android, or other smartphone to process transactions wherever you are. You can even attach a card reader to reduce the cost of transactions and minimize chargebacks. A great alternative to expensive mobile terminals, and no extra service is needed to access this through your phone!

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You can have an online merchant account in no time, with same day approval. There is no intricate programming on the part of the merchant. Some minimal information is entered into your appropriate HTML page to refer a transaction over to the gateway's secure server environment. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure you get your gateway setup quickly and easily. You can contact USMS here or call us at 800-655-8767 to get started today!