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Grocery Merchant Services

Since 1992, US Merchant Systems has served the needs of many grocery stores, convenient stores, and regional chains. With our ability to support all the technology needed to successfully and rapidly accept transactions in a grocery or C-store environment, USMS provides a highly competitive and well-serviced solution.

USMS Grocery Service

Every grocery store needs to have multiple payment options to accommodate customers of all walks of life. While at one time cash and check were enough to keep loyal customers flowing through your doors, today requires more options to keep your customers happy.

Some of the many grocery store merchant services we offer are:

While these may be enough for many grocers to succeed, there are a number of additional services we offer to help keep your store at the top of the industry. Some of these additional services are:

  • No signature required solutions
  • Contactless tap-and-go
  • Multilane POS
  • Chain reporting

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With a plethora of merchant services for your grocery store to succeed, USMS can help your business grow and thrive. You can contact us here or call us at 800-655-8767 to get your grocery merchant services set up today!