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Government Merchant Services

Most City, County, local and State government offices today have a need for rapid and efficient collections – thus the need to accept Credit & Debits cards. However, most government offices do not have a budget to pay Credit Card processing fees. That's where GovTeller™ comes in! GovTeller™ is a solution that makes it simple to accept Credit & Debit Cards for Tax payments, Fines, Registrations, Licenses, Utility bills, Traffic citations, and much more.

GovTeller™, a Division of US Merchant Systems, LLC, is a payments platform that allows government agencies to accept multiple forms of bankcard payments ( i.e., MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and PIN Debit) with no processing costs to government agencies.

USMS Government Merchant Services

government merchant services

At USMS- GovTeller™, we offer a full range of solutions that provide a zero processing cost platform to the government office. At the time of payment, the consumer agrees to a nominal convenience fee that is automatically calculated and added to the transaction. The consumer has the option to cancel before being charged. GovTeller's™ consumer convenience fees are extremely competitive and reasonable.

The GovTeller™ solutions enable government offices to process transactions via the web, face to face utilizing PC or the latest POS terminal technology. For larger offices that have special "integration needs", the GovTeller™ technical team provides all the APIs and assistance needed to integrate.

Advantages of GovTeller and USMS

With the GovTeller™ online payment solution, government agencies are not just limited to bankcard acceptance. GovTeller™ also provides consumers with an online pay-by-check (e-check) option. Some additional benefits of GovTeller™ are:

  • No processing costs to the government office.
  • Highest level of cardholder data security (PCI Level 1).
  • Accept Credit and Debit cards online and/or Credit, Debit & PIN Debit cards in-person.
  • Accept checks online (or via phone).
  • Increase collections of Tax and Non-tax payments.
  • View and download transaction and deposit reports 24/7 for account reconciliation.
  • Integrate with third party government service providers.
  • Consumer fees are comparable to, or much lower than other payment service providers.
  • No end-of-day terminal batch functions.
  • Terminal automatically calculates Consumer Convenience fee – no look-up tables or calculators needed.
  • Terminal has opt-out feature to allow payer to approve Consumer fee before charged.

Here's a testimonial from one of our customers:

"My customers are happy that they have the option to use their card. It really did surprise me how many people use this option. GovTeller is very easy to use for both customers and staff. I would highly recommend this system to anyone who asks about it." - Boyd Jackson, Treasurer, Toole County, Montana

Our GovTeller™ product is a "turn-key" solution where we make it very simple to add Credit & Debit Cards as accepted forms of payment in government agencies.

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