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In an age where new businesses arise every day, across a variety of industries, setting yourself apart from the competition can be a difficult task. No matter your industry, you need to find a way to attract customers and keep them coming into your business instead of your competition. So, how can you acquire and retain customers? The answer is simple: customer loyalty cards. Customer loyalty cards are an effective way to not only keep customers, but reward them for their loyalty to your business—hence the name.

At US Merchant Services, our gift and loyalty card program is designed to simplify the entire process. Even if you already have a loyalty program in place that needs an update, our program can seamlessly join the two together. It's simple: customer loyalty cards will encourage customers to return to your business and reap the benefits you offer them. Of course, it'll benefit you too. Let's take a detailed look at customer loyalty cards, gift cards, and how each can be of advantage to your business.

How do Customer Loyalty Cards Work?

In short, customer loyalty cards are essentially a rewards program companies offer to customers who make frequent purchases at their place of business, no matter the industry. These programs often give customers coupons, points for discounts, and even free merchandise. Some will even allow customers to take advantage of upcoming sales before others, such as the day before a sale starts.

Offering even more, our loyalty program at USMS comes with some additional marketing features, so you can offer rewards to your customers and manage the success of your program. From sending messages to customers via text and email to adding rewards directly to your customers' cards, our program does it all. But what are the benefits of all this for your business?

Customer Loyalty Cards: Benefits for Your Business

As mentioned, implementing a customer loyalty program at your business presents a load of benefits. You can determine who your loyal customers are and how to reward them to keep them coming back in the future. Take a look below for a full list of benefits:

  • Retain existing customers
  • Attain new customers
  • Determine unprofitable customers
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Build relationships with customers
  • Reduce competition
  • Reduce spending on marketing

Similar to loyalty cards, closed-loop gift cards are also a great option. This type of gift card can only be used at your place of business, ensuring the money is only spent on your products. These come with plenty of benefits as well. Check them out below:

  • Gift cards are free advertising when they display your company logo.
  • Customers are more likely to buy more expensive products when they have a gift card to put toward their purchase.
  • You won't have to give cash back!

Offer Customer Loyalty Cards with USMS

Any way you look at it, implementing a customer reward program at your business is full of advantages. Customer loyalty cards are a great way to encourage customers to come back to your store and make purchases. They also attract new customers and build your business's reputation. Show your loyalty to those who are loyal to you with US Merchant Systems.

If you're interested in offering loyalty cards to your customers, be sure to contact us today. You can also give us a call at 1-800-655-8767.