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USMS Global Shopper

How would you like to easily sell products to the over 20 million Chinese online consumers already making overseas purchases?

Now You Can! The USMS GlobalShopper Program enables retailers, like you, to open the doors to Chinese Consumers online.

Our program combines payment, logistics and customer support into one integrated solution, making it easier for Chinese consumers to purchase products from overseas. Through our strategic partnerships we make it simple for an E-Commerce company to sell and deliver their products directly to individual Chinese consumers while leveraging their existing website. In 2019, 55 cents of every dollar spent online around the world came from a Chinese consumer. Plus, more than 20 million purchases were made overseas in 2014, resulting on over $380 million in additional revenue!

    Why do Chinese consumers want to buy from the U.S.?

    • Desire for higher quality products and attractive overseas brands.
    • Certitude that the products are safe and authentic.
    • Access to products not available in China or not in their part of China.
    • With the new tax laws (dropping import taxes as low as 12%), purchasing directly from overseas can now be cheaper than buying similar/identical products domestically.

How does it work?

With U.S. Merchant System Global Shopper Program, retailers can now integrate to our payments & logistic platform and deliver products to the Chinese consumer’s doorstep with no risk and create a new source of revenue for your business.

Benefits for Chinese Consumers:

  • Ability to make payments with China Union Pay credit and debit cards. China Union Pay dominates the Chinese market and is the card most used in China.
  • Product information in their language.
  • Access to customer service in China.
  • Special logistics greatly reduces shipping time and cost.
  • Reduced tariff program makes the products more affordable.

Benefits for U.S. Retailers:

  • Sell directly to Chinese consumers through you website.
  • All funds settled in US dollars.
  • New revenue stream.
  • Increased website traffic through our unique marketing program.
  • Multiple channels promoting your products to Chinese cardholders.
  • And a lot more!

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If you have a retail or online store that could benefit from this program, USMS is here to help. We are much more than just a payment processor, we can help you with all of your domestic and foreign merchant services needs.

You can contact us here or call us at 800-655-8767 to get started today!