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EBT- Government Electronic Benefits Transactions

As the EBT program continues to grow, the market becomes more and more valuable to merchants who qualify to accept food stamps (Food & Grocery stores, select retailers). A large part of your market could be using these EBT cards and you don't even know it! Learn more about EBT and your business here.

Processing EBT Transactions

With US Merchant Systems, you will be able to process EBT transactions with ease. EBT cards work exactly like a debit card! The merchant will swipe the card through their normal credit card terminal, and the consumer will type their PIN. Once the transaction is approved, it is treated exactly like a debit card, and the amount will be credited to your bank account the same way. There is no special equipment needed to accept EBT payments, and US Merchant Systems is certified to process EBT for all 50 states.

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Unlike the SNAP (food stamp) program of EBT, there are also EBT cash benefits on the same card. EBT Cash has little to no restrictions on use, because they are simply benefit programs like welfare, disability, and unemployment loaded onto their card. Just use this portion of your benefits as you would your normal debit card. Because these are added to the card to replace checks, merchants do not need to be certified by the government to accept EBT cash payments! Best of all, surcharges are allowed just like debit to cover your cost! Call today to get setup!

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If you are interested in processing EBT transactions, US Merchant Systems is here to help. You can contact us here or give us a call at 1-800-655-8767 to get setup today!