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Debit Card Processing

Accept all forms of Debit with USMS

Debit and Check Card processing services from USMS can help save your business time and risk by taking more secure transactions. With PIN based debit you can cut out your discount rate and pay a flat per item fee, while also eliminating the risk of chargebacks.

So whats the difference between a debit card and a check card? A Debit card works nearly the same way as processing a credit card except the funds are taken directly from the customer's bank account through the use of a secret PIN. A check card works the same way, but you can sign for the purchase as an alternative to using the PIN (entering a PIN is optional). A Check card is easily identified by the use of a Visa or Mastercard logo on the card.

We offer a variety of ways to accept these transactions, whether you want an all in one unit, or a more customer convienient PIN Pad, USMS has multiple solutions for your business.

PIN Debit

A PIN Debit payment is one of the most secure types of transactions because the customer must verify their identity with a specific 4 digit PIN. Currently there is no way to pay online with PIN Debit, but there are two ways you can accept debit at your retail or "over the counter" location:

External Pin-Pad - An External Pin-Pad is an extra piece of equipment you can get for your terminal so your customer can enter their 4 digit PIN for the transaction. Two examples of our most popular External Pin-Pads that work with most terminals are the Hypercom S9 PINpad and the Verifone PINPad 1000SE

Internal Pin-Pad - An Internal Pin-Pad is an extra application that is added to certain terminals so you do not need any extra equipment to enter a 4 digit PIN. The disadvantage to this is that most merchants do not want to give customers direct access to their terminal, since customers can only type in their PIN through the main keypad on the credit card processing machine. Two examples of our most popular terminals with this function are the Verifone VX510le and the Hypercom T4205

Signature Debit

Signature debit can be used by customers with a check card who do not want to use their PIN. The disadvantage of your customer not using their 4 digit PIN is that you will not be able to receive the per transaction debit fee, and instead will have to pay a discount rate. Because of this, we suggest all retail merchants encourage their customers to use their PIN instead of signing.

Benefits to accepting Debit Transactions

Debit cards are becoming the most popular type of payment option with consumers because they can take the money directly out of their checking account without having to write a check. Nearly all retail businesses can benefit from the use of an inexpensive Pin-Pad to their counter-top terminal beause of the savings through the per item fee. Merchants are also protected from charge backs, since PIN Debit transactions cannot be charged back. You also have the ability to give your customers the option of cash back on these transactions.

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