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Check Acceptance and Protection

If you don't accept checks because you feel they are not safe or difficult to handle, you could be losing out on valuable sales. At US Merchant Systems, we have a large array of check services to help make accepting check processing safe, simple, and fast. Learn more about how check verification works.   

Check Verification Guarantee

A check verification guarantee service can give you the ability to accept out-of-town, out-of-state, even checks from Canada and all U.S. Territories safely and with no risk. The process is simple; checks are approved at the point-of-sale within a few seconds following simple instructions. If a check is returned from the bank, it is submitted to us for processing and reimbursement to you. Stop worrying about collections and focus your efforts on sales with a check verification guarantee service!

Check Conversion

Make accepting checks as quick and easy as taking credit cards! Check conversion will authorize a check and electronically process the funds and deposit them into your business bank account. Checks processed through Check Conversion can also be guaranteed. No need to go to the bank to deposit checks, the entire process becomes automated with Check Conversion.

Check Scanners

There are two types of Check Scanners: Check Imagers, and Check Readers. Check Readers will scan the account information at the bottom of the check for electronic deposit. Check Imagers work the same way, but also scan an entire image of the check helping protect you from any disputes or fraudulent transactions! Coupling one of these devices with our Check Guarantee Service will take all the risk out of accepting checks as forms of payment. View our check scanners here.

Multiple Hold Check

Multiple hold check programs act as a method of short term consumer financing. Using either a paper check guarantee or check conversion system, multiple hold check programs allow you to accept up to 4 checks to be deposited at different intervals up to 90 days. USMS even has a program that can pay you up front for your hold checks.

Electronic Checks

Ecommerce merchant? Don't be limited to just credit cards! E-checks (electronic checks) can perform the same function as a conventional paper check, but can be processed in fewer steps, has more security features, and is all done electronically through your website.


Recurring EFT/ACH

USMS also provides options for periodic ACH or electronic fund transfer debits from client bank accounts.

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