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Business Financing Solutions

Whether your needs are short-term such as meeting a payroll, paying invoices, purchasing inventory, timely advertising, or more long-term needs such as opening additional locations, renovations. US Merchant Systems is often able to assist your business with a timely financial solution and attractive financing loans. Before you give us a call, check out some of the high-quality business solutions we offer.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a financial service that enables a business to receive cash in advance of estimated future credit card sales. Merchant cash advances are typically used for business purposes such as purchasing inventory, upgrading equipment, renovations, advertising or just meeting a cash flow shortfall.

The amount of cash advance proceeds are usually based on the volume of credit card processing the business produces on a monthly basis, and can average from 100% to 150% of a typical month's volume. Learn More Here.

Account Receivables Factoring

For businesses that are required to provide terms to their customers, USMS can finance a receivable factoring program that help meet immediate short term cash flow needs.

Business and SBA Loans

US Merchant Services, through a network of preferred business, SBA lenders and banks can assist you in finding the right long term business loan that meets your needs.


US Merchant systems can provide leasing or lease back financing to businesses for many types of capital equipment including restaurant amenities, retail, manufacturing and more. USMS can also provide various forms of consumer leasing that your business can use for your products.

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