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ATM Cash Machines

By charging surcharge fees, you can earn more than enough to cover the cost of the ATM. But the real profit is produced by the additional sales from the extra dollars available in your customer's pocket as well as the additional traffic in your business from those that wish to use the ATM.  Also, if you direct your customers to the ATM, you can greatly reduce the credit card fees you are currently paying. Learn More about ATM Machines

USMS ATM Services

You can purchase an ATM through US Merchant Systems at very affordable rates. Our ATM machines are safe, secure investments that provide a nice boost to your sales. With an ATM in your storefront, your customers will pull out cash specifically for your services.

Industries that can Benefit From ATM Machines

ATMs are perfect for:

  • Night Clubs
  • Bars
  • Quick service restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Convenience Store/Gas stations
  • Office locations
  • Bank/Credit Union
  • Schools/Universities
  • Retail businesses
  • Any location with lots of foot traffic in or around their establishment!!

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