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As a retail merchant, you should ensure you're offering the best in transaction methods to cater to the needs of consumers. Additionally, you should reconsider your own systems and determine how else you can expedite transactions and keep them secure. With the retail merchant services offered by US Merchant Systems, you can find the best in POS systems, pin pads, mobile devices and more.

From offering mobile wallet payments to quick and easy credit card transactions, there's plenty you can do to better your business. By doing so, you could boost transactions and keep customers coming back for your smooth transactions. In short, you'll build loyalty with your customers when you offer a variety of ways to pay. In an effort to point clients in the right direction, the experts at USMS have compiled a list of things to consider, such as what payment methods to offer, as well as the best systems to do so.

What You Should Offer as a Retail Merchant

At USMS, we specialize in retail merchant services, from supplying POS systems to providing insight as to what kind of payment methods you should offer to customers. In a growing world of technology with numerous ways to pay, you can offer a variety of payment methods to increase sales and retain customers. Take a look below to see what you should offer customers as a retail merchant:

  • Check Scanners: Though checks have become an outdated form of payment, many consumers still use them. Cater to every customer and consider check verification, which helps eliminate concern over whether checks will go through or not.
  • Mobile Wallets: Continuing to grow in popularity, especially with the rise of smartphones, mobile wallets now offer improved security. With this, more and more customers are utilizing this payment method, making it beneficial to offer as a retailer.
  • Online Shopping: If at all possible, it's a great idea to jump on the e-commerce trend. Online transactions have spiked in recent years, and some even claim by 2018 nearly 9% of retails sales will come from e-commerce. Think of e-commerce as an additional storefront for your business.
  • Credit and Debit Processing: It may seem obvious, but every business should offer credit and debit cards. Credit and debit processing offers customers a quick way to pay, and most customers prefer this method, especially. If you have yet to jump on board, consider doing so today—it'll surely benefit your business.

In addition to offering everything listed above, EBT payments are also something to consider as 45 million Americans receive EBTs. In essence, offering more payment methods will only increase sales and customers. It'll also give your business a good reputation. For help getting started, USMS can be of aid with our retail merchant services!

USMS Retail Merchant Services: Pin Pads, POS Systems, and More

When it comes to offering more payment methods to consumers, you can find a variety of tools to do so at USMS. We'll say it again: offering more ways to pay for customers will help increase sales and keep them coming back for your simple transactions. Check out the list below to get an idea of what you'll need for fast and secure transactions:

Retail Merchant Services at USMS

There's no denying the benefits that come with offering multiple payment methods at your business. By catering to all types of consumers, you can retain customers, increase sales, and enhance your business's image. And you can do it all with the help of US Merchant Systems.

Better your business and contact USMS today.