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Credit Card Machines

Everybody has a credit card nowadays. They are less bulky than cash, eliminate the human error that can occur with handling money, and make transactions easy to keep track of. Because of these benefits, every business should be accepting credit cards to maximize profit and provide better customer service.

Our team at US Merchant Systems is dedicated to providing businesses with everything they need to start accepting credit cards, including credit card machines. Here’s a look at what a credit card machine is, and an explanation of how credit and debit are different.

Credit vs Debit Card Machines

Is there a difference between a credit card machine and a debit card machine? No. A standard card machine can read any card with a magnetic strip. The difference comes with how the cardholder or merchant decides how payment is processed. The machine is only the transmitter that provides the card information to a payment processing system.

Credit card transactions will normally require a signature. For this process, the cardholder’s bank gives the merchant the money without first collecting it from the cardholder. Because the bank is taking this risk, they charge fees generally at a specified percent that the merchant is responsible. These fees can be pretty hefty if you are processing transactions for a lot of money.

A debit transaction is a bit safer for the merchant and the cardholder’s bank than a credit transaction. A debit transaction takes money out of the cardholder’s account and gives it to the merchant. The bank takes no risk because the money is already accounted for. Debit card fees are typically a static amount paid for every transaction and might rack up more when transaction amounts are low. They also require a PIN to verify the cardholder’s identity. This is an added security measure that helps to prevent fraud, but a PIN number in the wrong hands can be a real hassle.

Why Choose USMS?

US Merchant Systems offers a wide variety of credit card machines, from the countertop POS system to a small phone jack card reader. We know that you have hundreds of choices to choose from, so we want to make it easy. Our products are tried and true from trusted brands like Verifone, DejaVoo and Way Systems. No matter your needs, we have a product that won’t let you down.

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