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POS Systems

The point of sale (POS) is the place where a transaction occurs. These come in many forms and include cash registers, card readers, pin pads, customer displays, signature pads, and more. A proper POS is essential for money exchange between a business and their customers.

Every business will have different needs when it comes to a POS. Luckily, US Merchant Systems has a variety of equipment and service options for businesses of all kinds. We know how important a safe and efficient POS is for your business to make money and maintain a steady cash flow. Here are some of the POS solutions that we can offer.

USMS All-in-One POS

This product is ideal for all day, every day use and comes out of the box ready to go. It includes a monitor, cash register drawer, receipt printer, and card reader. It is able to keep up with fast-paced businesses like quick serve, take out, delivery and dining.

This POS has the power to keep track of customers, daily sales and inventory, it successfully processes orders, and can handle employee scheduling and time clock. It can also quickly process credit cards to get your customers rung up fast and efficiently.

Verifone MX 800 Series

This series includes the MX 860, MX 870, and MX 880 consumer-facing POS systems. All three of these systems, along with others in the MX 800 Series, have a common user interface so they can be mixed and matched with others in the series to accommodate everything that a retailer needs. On top of typical transactions, the series can accommodate loyalty program sign-ups, price checks, product locators, checking credit, and more.

The MX 860 has a wide screen with a full color display and a large signature area to make it appealing and easy to use. It has a fast processor and a large memory to make it suitable for accommodating large volumes of transactions and getting customers through the line quickly.

The MX 870 prides itself in its high quality, full-motion video display with digital sound integrated into one user-friendly system. It is safe and reliable in making highly secure payments. It is functional in more than one front, and has the best available touch screen that supports both stylus and fingertip.

The MX 880 has the most powerful processor of devices with a keypad that is able to handle constant, heavy use. Its large touch display has 65,536 colors and will proudly display any advertisements or promotions that you want your customers to see at checkout. Its payment system is secure and supports VeriShield, VeriFone’s encryption service that protects information through all steps of processing.

USMS Has Solutions for You

If you are in need of POS equipment, look no further than US Merchant Systems. We offer a variety of POS services, as well as other services and equipment for any and all of your business’ merchant needs. If you are ready to talk with us about what we can do for your business, give us a call at 800.655.8767.