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Merchant Terminals

A merchant terminal — also known as a payment terminal or point of sale terminal — is a business’ best friend. These machines collect and transmit customer card information in order to complete a transaction. They have the same basic functions but come with many different faces and features that can appeal to any business wanting to take paperless payments.

US Merchant Systems is your best choice for all of your business’ needs. We offer a variety of creative payment solutions for any business, and with the best quality service possible. We can help you streamline your payment process to save you money and hassle.

How are Transactions Completed?

A transaction starts when a customer or client needs to pay for a product or service. Once the amount owed is determined and input into the terminal, the customer swipes or inserts a card. A card stores the customer’s bank information, and gives the merchant access to that information in order take funds from the customer’s account. This isn’t done manually, however.

A merchant terminal transmits the card information via telephone or internet connection to a payment processor. The processor makes sure the information can be verified by the issuing bank. Once cleared, and funds are sufficient, the bank will authorize the movement of money from the cardholder’s account and into the merchant’s. A confirmation and authorization number is sent back to the merchant, and the merchant will give the cardholder a receipt that outlines the transaction. This only takes a few seconds to complete. If any part of this process fails, the card is declined.

Choosing USMS

We offer many different merchant terminals that can safely and efficiently process payments for your business. We know how important having a proper mercantile set up is for the cash-flow and life of a business. We can help you with every aspect of this process.

Whether you need a full POS set-up, a simple PIN pad card reader, a payment gateway, or a hookup for a smartphone, we have an option that will appeal to you and your needs. We offer only the best products and services from reliable brands such as Verifone that are tested and true.

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