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Bank Partner Program

The US merchant Systems bank partner program provides a unique opportunity for bank partners including, no risk revenue share options, dedicated representatives, or bank direct signup and co-marketing client acquisition programs, portfolio acquisition and more.

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Bank Contact Information

What type of partnership is most advantageous to your bank? (Note: Each level provides for greater amounts of revenue share):
No liability referral program. (Bank refers clients and USMS provides account executives to serve client)No liability bank agency. (Bank acts as the agent- signs account, with no liability)Shared liability bank agency. (Same as above- shared liability)Full liability bank agency. (Same as above- full liability)

What USMS marketing assistance would you be interested in? Check the ones that apply: No marketing assistanceUSMS contact bank exisiting clients for conversionDirect mailTelemarketing/Appoint settingBranch local area, joint venture marketing-direct contact with businesses

Does the bank have a current portfolio it would like to sell? YesNo