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Affiliate Partner Program

Earn Residual Income Selling Merchant Accounts, Virtual Terminals & Payment Gateways through U.S. Merchant Systems Affiliate Program


Become a USMS Affiliate and make extra money!

You don’t pay us, we pay you! It is very simple to get started as a USMS™ Affiliate. Call our affiliate department at (800)290-8281 and register. Call today for more information on how you can make extra money by referring merchants who are interested in merchant services. We will also explain how you will get paid.

Would you like to make extra money?

The credit card processing sector is a multi-billion dollar industry. Millions of people nationwide have contact with merchants every day. Many of these merchants do not accept credit cards, or pay high rates to their banks for accepting credit cards. U.S. Merchant Systems provides you with simple, flexible choices for payment on your earnings. Whether you prefer a percentage of the profits for the life of your referred merchant accounts or a fixed compensation per account, we will work with you to determine the best solution to help you earn the most money possible.

The USMS merchant processing affiliate program requires no special technical experience, expertise or knowledge about how merchant accounts work! Our affiliate program is ideal for web hosting companies, web designers, coaches, consultants, business owners, home workers, marketing companies or anyone with a web site or an online business who wants to make passive/residual income.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Qualified Lead?
    • In order to refer a merchant and earn your referral fee, the merchant has to be classified as a ‘qualified lead.’ A qualified lead is defined as follows:
      • The individual is a merchant who has a current business or is starting one and needs to accept credit cards or would like to change credit card processors.
      • You have spoken with the merchant and made it known that you can refer them to a company who can help them with their credit card processing.
      • The merchant is expecting a call from a representative of U.S. Merchant Systems.
  • How do I provide qualified leads?
    • Phone - call us toll-free at (800)290-8281 to refer the merchant to us.
    • Email - email us at
    • Web - click on the "already an affiliate" link (at the top of this page), or click here to login and refer your leads online
  • How are my leads tracked?
    • Every Affiliate is assigned a unique Affiliate number. This number accompanies every lead that you provide and signifies that the lead belongs to you.
  • How much work is involved to sign up a merchant?
    • Best of all, you do not have to sell anything or do any work to earn commissions. We handle all the sales, customer service and billing. All you have to do is tell your friends, business associates, clients, customers, affiliates and place a link or banner on your web site.

There is no cost to sign up, so get started today!