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Why should your company partner with USMS?

Since 1992 USMS has served more than 100,000 businesses for their transaction processing needs. More than half of all USMS clients came to us as a result of successful partner relationships. These relationships have included well known entities such as The American Home Business Association, Herbal Life International, Little Caesars, Technology Credit Union, and dozens of others.

At US Merchant Systems we know the importance of providing superior service and highly competitive pricing to the clients of our partners. We also recognize that a true partnership goes both ways. Therefore we always take every opportunity to provide clients to our partners as well. USMS is 25% owned by the nation's 6th largest non-bank acquirer. This relationship enables us to not only provide highly competitive fees but also up front commission and residual opportunity for our partners.

Additional partner benefits include:

Joint venture marketing

Whether online, direct mail, TV/infomercial, or call center campaign, USMS has worked successfully with numerous partners in joint venture marketing campaigns. For example, suppose you are a local community banker and would like to drive more business into your branches. By partnering with USMS, we can provide friendly contact from our call center and/or local representatives to businesses in your community, offering the benefits of doing business with your bank and our company.

Access to a range of payment gateways

POS software developers, or anyone that has created a business application, we can provide secure, proprietary software links USMS software or gateway and create additional revenue streams. We can also assist with new Visa EMV requirements for Point of Sale Providers.

Direct access to our agents and agent conferences

Get maximum exposure of your product to new markets every day when you partner with USMS. We have hundreds of agents talking to hundreds of merchants and prospects every day. Having a solution for our merchant that you provide that works with our payment services makes it a win/win/win for everyone. We will even provide webinars and conferences with our agents to help you assist us in presenting your solution when appropriate. Access to the attendees at our agent conferences, as well as weekly webinars with our Agent partners.

Introduction to other USMS partners

Partners can typically share resources and knowledge and achieve objectives sooner than they could have otherwise on their own. A new partnership increases the size and scope of a business which can open up opportunities that the business was previously not open to participate in.

Corporate Partnerships

Companies providing industry-leading systems for retail, restaurants, salons, liquor stores and more have chosen u.S. Merchant Systems as a business partner because of the value we bring their customers—and the value they bring to ours. Our corporate partnership program is designed to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to our partners, whether you are a hardware vendor, a software vendor or work with non-card payment types.

Association Marketing Program

USMS can work with your association to not only provide services to you members, but to procure non-members to become members of your association.

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