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Retail Reality: Why You Need Secure Payment Processing

If you run a retail business, you know the importance of time efficiency and keeping your customers happy. The most crucial part of retail sales is the point-of-sale transaction time, and card security. If your business is successful in ensuring fast, sage purchases you will gain loyal customers.

At US Merchant Systems, our job is to keep your payment processing up to speed in both terms of efficiency and safety. Whether you are just starting up business, or are considering switching merchants, check out the benefits to working with US Merchant Systems for your retail business.

Right For Retail

US Merchant Systems works with businesses of all sizes, working closely to meet their needs. With all processing services charging some form of processing payment, we aim to find the right fit to save you money, upgrading you as your business and finances grow.

With retail, we understand the need for quality, high speed processing, with much of your sales being during busy holiday seasons serving long lines of impatient customers. Although we value speed, we never put it above making sure all transactions are fraud free.

We also provide retail stores with multiple options for point-of-sale software and hardware, making it so you can use our services with a traditional register or with more modern smartphone and tablet devices. We don’t want our customers working harder, but instead smarter.

Security First

At US Merchant Services we create loyalty between your customers and business. By providing accurate fraud detection, we are dedicated to creating a good reputation for your brand, one that your customers trust.

In retail, you already have to worry about protecting your merchandise from theft, don’t add credit card fraud issues to your list of to do’s. Let US Merchant Systems do the hard work for you.

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If you are in need of payment processing for your small business, or any of the other merchant services we offer here at US Merchant Systems, please contact us by calling 800.655.8767 today!