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Way Systems 5000

Product Information


Designed specifically for businesses that accept payments outside traditional brick-and-mortar spaces, the Way5000 enables payments virtually anywhere there is a cellular signal. And it's as convenient as a wireless phone and equally simple to use. The familiar phone interface makes the Way5000 ideal for mobile businesses ready to accept payments wherever they do business.

Product Benefits and Features

Take payments on the road with the wireless handheld device that looks, feels and operates much like a mobile phone

  • Simple interface with familiar cell phone keypad and joystick navigation
  • Backlit display facilitates payment in poor lighting, indoors and outdoors
  • Full payment solution for credit, PIN debit and signature debit
  • Supports tips, tolls, receipts and invoice numbers, as well as AVS and CVV/CVC verification (optional)
  • Ready-to-go solution right out of the box, with setup and activation completed in advance

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