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The PaySaber is certainly the largest iPhone credit card reader peripheral on our list, but it's also the most comprehensive. The hardware works with our favorite mobile credit card processing app, Wireless ePay, and in terms of additional functions it far surpasses the competition. With the built-in credit card reader, thermal receipt printer and barcode scanner, the PaySaber casts a shadow on the other iPhone credit card readers.

The mobile terminal is bulkier than credit card iPhone cases and sleeves, but it is still very well designed (and considerably smaller than a traditional credit card terminal). The device is durable and combines the various components together in a logical and aesthetic design.

The actual credit card reader is located just above the iPhone cradle and features encryption to protect you and your customers. The integrated thermal receipt (and invoice) printer is just above that. The barcode scanner (optional) completes the hardware and turns the PaySaber into a complete wireless POS solution.

Another distinct advantage of the PaySaber is that (unlike most other options) it doesn't just work with the iPhone but is also completely compatible with the iPod Touch.

We've focused primarily on the hardware in this article, but it merits noting that the PaySaber's accompanying credit card processing app is the best available, and the included inventory management and customer billing database really add depth and breadth to this credit card processing solution. The PaySaber may be a bit much for some merchants, but it's certainly the most comprehensive and best overall option for some.

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