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Pay Saber (iPhone)

Design was a key factor in creating a device that would feel like it becomes part of your iPhone/iPod Touch and it not just being an attachment.

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Pay Saber Jr. (iPhone)

USAePay presents PaySaber Jr., a secure (E2E encryption), compact, mobile credit card processing solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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PaySaber Clip

Built with performance and durability in mind the PaySaber's easy swipe design makes it possible for any merchant to easily swipe credit card without any special maneuvers or handling procedures. The sleek design of the Clip allows you to easy attach it to your device in any environment wuthout adding weight or discomfort. As long as the merchant has at least one hand free they can swipe their customers' cards with ease.

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PaySaber Jack

USAePay is an ECI Certified, Real-Time, Credit Card Processing Gateway. Secure, Fast and Reliable, the USAePay Gateway is a vital solution to helping your merchants process Credit Card Transactions online from anywhere in the world.

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W-ePay SC-40 (all smart phones)

The most popular phones on the market can now be your credit card machine. Merchants using Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android or Palm mobile devices (just to name a few) can easily load the Wireless ePay program onto the phone and turn it into a credit card machine.

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