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Verifone VX 520

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The VX 520 Countertop is a reliable, rugged countertop device that's built to last. It handles encryption, decryption and processing at lightning fast speeds thanks to its powerful ARM11 processor. Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative payments and expandable memory exceeding 500MB.  It also supports value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance.

A full range of connectivity options, from dial and Ethernet to GPRS, with an optional battery allows the  VX 520 to go wherever you go. Plus, a uniquely designed communication port area underneath the device keeps countertops neat and free of clutter.


Technology is accelerating — driving shorter product cycles, raising customer expectations and creating critical usability considerations. Payment devices are part of this trend, just like any other technology. VX Evolution is designed to make the most of new technologies while leveraging VeriFone's proven VX platform. Below are nine advantages to bringing the best of both worlds together.

  1. The Verix system and guiding development principles have a decade of proven use, and we are committed to continuing to invest in the VX platform.
  2. Together with the market-leading functionality of VX Evolution, Verix maximizes communications, speed and flexibility, supports value-added transactions and delivers multi-app capability with application separation at both the hardware and software level — enabling applications to securely co-exist on the same device.
  3. The introduction of our next-generation VX Evolution line lets you continue to leverage the Verix platform— using the hundreds of existing applications that run on Verix.
  4. The VX platform is known and supported worldwide, with over seven million devices sold, handling hundreds of millions of transactions daily.
  5. Platform switches by other vendors have caused unnecessary costs and made support more complex for you. Ingenico customers are currently managing Unicapt 32, Telium and WinCE just for core products. With VX Evolution running on the proven VX platform, you will be faster to market with the latest enhancements.
  6. Not only does VX represent a single platform for VeriFone's core products, but the VX family of devices is also ideal for virtually any vertical market or end-use scenario.
  7. An enhanced, yet familiar toolkit, plus clear guidelines and documentation, will let you quickly build solutions based on VX Evolution's core technologies and capabilities — giving you an efficient, known, and highly cost-effective migration path.
  8. Similarly, the intuitive, user-friendly interface and consistent features of the VX platform let you quickly deploy the latest enhancements with minimal additional end-user training, lower costs to stay current and fewer crises for your help desk.
  9. Start development now to prepare for VX Evolution. Request the ARM RealView Developer Suite (RVDS) 4.0 Compiler and compile your applications with the new Verix eVo Toolkit. Then, you can build and run your applications on existing VX 510 hardware to test and debug. (Review the VX Evolution Development presentation posted on the VX Evolution website at Today is a time of tremendous technological change and competitiveness and also of unprecedented economic challenges. Because of that, VeriFone decided to build on the proven VX platform and protect your investment in our systems and solutions. Simply put, we took the best of the proven VX line and created a new series of solutions based on our heritage of proven innovation.

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