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MagTek MICRImage

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MICRImage's small footprint and advanced ergonomic design offer ease-of-use and optimum functionality for the POS environment. MICRImage is ideal for electronic check applications in the retail environment.


  • Reads MICR data and scans front image of check in a single pass
  • Reads E13-B and CMC-7 fonts
  • Black & white and grayscale images are standard
  • Image resolution: 200 dpi
  • Image compression: CCITT or G4
  • Image files: TIFF 6.0 (other formats can be made available)
  • Image storage capacity for up to 100 black & white images
  • Each model includes two interface ports: RS-232/RS-232, RS-232/Ethernet, or RS-232/Modem
  • USB connectivity is also available
  • Easy-access feature allows cover to slide open for convenient cleaning of scan bar and check path (no tools required)
  • Attractive ergonomic design with visual cues for ease-of-use and faster training
  • Optional 3-Track MSR (magnetic stripe Reader)
  • Also available: MICR ER (Enhanced Reading) is a feature used for automated confirmation of MICR data: MICRImage compares the results of multiple MICR reads, deeming the data accurate when all reads match, or reporting an error to the application when there is a mismatch
  • MICRImage is ideal for all electronic check applications such as NACHA's POP, ARC, and RCK.

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