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In an age where payment methods are constantly changing, from using your smartphone to simply tapping your credit card, the check is surprisingly still often used. As a business owner, especially that of retail, you may want to consider accepting this outdated form of payment. Though checks once slowed down lines and came with the risk of bouncing, these days the entire process is much more simple. Accepting checks will also broaden your customer base and improve your reputation. And you can easily start accepting checks with check verification services from USMS!

At US Merchant Systems, our check verification services not only allow your business to accept checks, but also stay protected from risks. Of course, accepting checks isn't necessary for every business, but it can definitely present benefits to the success of your store. Take a moment to learn more about check verification services and if accepting checks is a good choice for your business.

How Do Check Verification Services Work?

As mentioned, checks no longer have to hold up lines and pose risks, such as bounced checks, to your business. The check verification process has been streamlined and, at USMS, we offer everything you need to quickly and safely accept checks. Take an in-depth look at the highlights of our services below:

  • Verification: You'll have the ability to accept out-of-state checks and even ones from Canada and any US territory. More importantly, checks are approved at the point of sale, and if they are returned, USMS processes it and reimburses you!
  • Conversion: This will make accepting checks as simple as credit cards! Check conversion authorizes checks, processes them, and deposits the funds right into your bank account. Checks are guaranteed and the entire process is automated.
  • Scanners: While check readers will scan account info for electronic deposit, check imagers do the same, but they scan your check and save the image to protect you from disputes. Combine this with our check verification services and all the risk of accepting checks is eliminated!
  • Multiple Hold Checks: Our multi-check program allows you to accept up to 4 checks to be deposited at different intervals up to 90 days.
  • Electronic Checks: If you're an ecommerce merchant, you can still accept checks—electronic checks that is! They work quite similar to paper checks, but can be processed even quicker and offer more security features too.

Is Accepting Checks Right For Your Business?

Though credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets are now the most common ways to pay, in addition to cash, checks are still used in a variety of industries. And plenty of customers still use checks these days too. With this, accepting checks at your store could be quite beneficial. Simply put, the more payment options you offer to customers, the more likely they'll return to your business.

By implementing check verification services, you can build a reputation in your community, retain customers, and get a boost in sales. To top it all off, you'll no longer have to worry about the downfalls that once surrounded checks. You'll be risk-free, guaranteed.

Check Verification Services from USMS

As you can see, accepting checks is now a simplified process. With our check verification services, you can keep lines moving quick and cater to more customers. The more options you have, the more satisfied your customers will be.

If you're interested in our services, give USMS a call today at 1-800-655-8767. You can also contact us here.