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When it comes to implementing a point of sales (POS) system at your business, you can never be too careful. Choosing the right POS system and setting it up is often a time-consuming process, not to mention the cost of the hardware and software. If you don't choose the right products the first time around, you could lose money and time, which will only hurt your business. Simply put, avoiding POS mistakes is key. Do your research and ensure you're choosing the correct components. Fortunately, US Merchant Systems can lead the way.

USMS has been providing the best merchant services to business since 1992. We're aware of the common pitfalls that come with POS systems, and we can fill you in so you don't make the same mistakes. Avoiding POS mistakes will save you time, money, and frustration. More importantly, it'll keep your business running smoothly. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with these commonly-made mistakes and how you can steer clear of them.

5 Common POS Mistakes

As the premier provider in merchant systems and services, we know the painful task implementing a POS system can be. However, it's often a necessity for your business and you'll need to ensure you get it right the first time around. Let's take a look at the 5 most commonly-made mistakes by businesses:

  • Buying Incompatible Hardware and Software: Whether you're upgrading your system or just getting started, you need to ensure you're choosing the right hardware for your software. You'd be surprised how much the two can vary, but you can avoid this mistake by ordering from the same POS company, like USMS. We can guide you through the process.
  • Wanting an All-In-One System: With anything in life, we often look for things that offer it all. However, choosing an all-in-one POS system isn't recommended. You should keep functionality a priority and find a system that works for your business. Expedited transactions warrant a simplistic system.
  • Neglecting the Need for Support: Be sure to see what kind of technical support is offered with your POS system. There's no doubt you'll run into some type of problem in the future, and you'll need a quality support team to back you up. Do your research.
  • Selecting Systems By Price: As with most technology, it's never a good idea to go with whatever's cheapest. Sure, POS systems can get pricey, but purchasing a quality system that does exactly what you need is invaluable to your business.
  • Disregarding Future Changes: Also a factor in seeking cheaper systems, neglecting to consider future changes is an often-made mistake. Technology is always changing, and you need a POS system that can keep up. Think versatility.

Avoiding the Common POS Mistakes

There you have it: 5 of the most commonly-made POS mistakes by business owners. It all really comes down to doing your research and considering your needs. What type of business do you run? What POS system does that type of business call for? In an effort to help you in your research, we've compiled a list of things to consider in avoiding POS mistakes. Take a look below:

  • Figure out what hardware requirements your software needs to run.
  • Find out if the price includes other features, tech support, and installation assistance.
  • Talk to other business owners in your industry to see what POS system they prefer.
  • Determine your budget and don't take the cheap route.
  • Order from US Merchant Systems!

Avoid POS Mistakes with USMS

With the right knowledge and sufficient planning, you can easily find a POS system that caters to every one of your needs as a business owner. Avoiding POS mistakes will not only save you from constant frustration and wasted time, but it'll also prevent problems for your business and keep customers moving through the lines.

Easily avoid all of these mistakes and consult with US Merchant Systems to find the right system for you. You can view all of our systems and pin pads here. For help, you can always contact us or give us a call at 1-800-655-8767.