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"The reason I feel compelled to write this is that I am in the service industry, but rarely these days do you find anyone willing to help you, let alone provide great customer service in the process. Professionalism was on display (with USMS) at every turn and I was made to feel very important. The Credit Card Industry has gotten a bad rap with consumers, merchants, and the general public. I feel that if there were more like USMS that image would suddenly improve. Thank you for making this business owner's life a little less stressful."

Aaron S., Two Dudes Cleaning Service, Dayton OH

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate all your help. The level of customer service that you provided was outstanding! You really went above and beyond in setting up all three of our accounts and making sure everything was running smoothly. It really made a huge impact in the way we do business. Our customers are really excited they can finally pay by credit card. Thank you for always being available to answer any questions I had and always making sure I understood everything completely. It has made this transition a great one."

Michelle H., Janeau AK

"Our Agent has bent over backwards to make sure that we received everything we need to integrate e-commerce into our website software offering - from returning phone calls in a timely fashion, getting us relevant documents, providing training and technical assistance, and following up with us to keep us on track and the project moving forward. In addition, our agent was able to get us an extremely competitive rate and credit card fee package that makes it very affordable for our clients to come on board."

Deirdre L., Chicago IL

"I researched literally 18-20 companies and it took me about six months. After much thought, I selected USMS.I save an average of $700-$1,300 per month on my processing fees! I have recommended USMS to all of my professional colleagues as they have saved me a tremendous amount of money."

Tricia J., San Diego CA

"Thank-you so much for all your help on our account. You made the set up a breeze when we first started. I have always been impressed with your response time to my calls. Whenever there has been an issue you have been quick to help."

Tawnie H., La Grande, OR

"Your Customer Service Representative strives to assist the customer in an amicable win-win environment. He is very courteous, and a good listener. More important, he is a problem solver. After a call of frustration on our end a few months ago, USMS helped resolve the issues in a win-win, outstanding matter. With the current economic recession, companies need to focus on customer retention. I feel very lucky anytime I call to be able to speak with your representative."

Alexander B., Northridge CA

"Wow! You guys are too awesome. I have been living in Nova world for the last five years. I guess the grass is greener on the other side of the fence! I have never had an issue, not even a small one. You are spoiling me. Thanks so much for your help."

Shellie H., Las Vegas NV

"All of us here at Chromatic Coffee want to thank you for your help in converting us to US Merchant Systems. From your original quote through implementation and assistance with questions, your service has been excellent. We also notice that with your company our transactions are going through much faster in the store. As a high volume store, we can definitely recommend you to any business."

Wendy W., Santa Clara CA

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping my organization have a successful event. We were extremely satisfied with the products and services we received. We will definitely look forward to working with US Merchant Systems next year and will sing your praises to other organizations that we encounter and work with. Once again, thank you very much."

Shawnte S., San Jose CA

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with your company. I wanted to let you know that the process of downloading the software to our terminal took a little time but the repressenative I had was exceptional. He was very informative and answered all of my questions. Again I want to thank you for everything."

Kim M., Palm Beach FL

"I highly recommend the services of US Merchant Systems. Since 2005 we have been provided with excellent service in an industry that's had its challenges with being able to accept credit cards, especially for collections. Recently US Merchant Systems reviewed our account and made changes to our services including, lowering our cost without being asked to do this."

Rick L., Oakland CA

"It has been my pleasure during the past two years to do business with you at US Merchant Systems. During our numerous transactions and conversations, you have exemplified to me the very essence of "customer service" your friendly and knowledgeable advice and help have made me feel "taken care of" in every transaction. The confidence you inspire that all is going smoothly has proven to be justified in every dealing we have had."

Arne D., Zephyr Cove NV

"Thank you for coming out to see us today to do our machines. It was a pleasure to have you help us set up for this up coming event. Also, your tech support team was awesome with helping us through the systems even past normal scheduled work time. Please tell them Thanks for us."

Robin F., San Jose CA

"I am contacting you to let you know that the Customer Service at US Merchant Systems is a great asset to your company. They took the time to resolve my issues and what surprised me is that they went above and beyond the minimum. Not only did they resolve the issue but the respsonsiveness to my requests were amazing. I could not have asked for anything more. Truly, you have star employees working within your ranks."

Teodik B., Sun Valley CA

"Thank you so much with the transition to Heartland to US Merchant Services. I really appreciate your patience and willingness to problem solve. It is so hard to find people with good customer service skills."

Jackie P., Sherwood OR

"Thank you for handling the changeover our business smoothly. The representative we worked with was very helpful and reachable at all times. He was able to handle any "slight problems" we may have encountered professionally and guided us in the right direction to accomplish our goal. We recommend US Merchant Systems as a company, for a job well done. We are very please with the service we have received from your staff."

Ruthie R., San Bernadino CA

"I recently fell prey to a competitor merchant processor. US Merchant Systems team took the time to show me the details in the fine print of the competitors contract. They explained the terminology and percentages and helped me to understand the error of my ways in signing a competitors contract. They then helped me in resolving the issue. I am still battling with the competitor and their ridiculous charges and claims but in the meantime with US Merchants Systems help I was able to regain my account and keep my credit card customers happy with absolutely no interruption in service. I was treated like a valued customer. I don't know what I would have done with out your help. Thanks"

Jennifer N., Fremont CA

"It is refreshing to see another firm so committed to customer service. We share that philosophy. Thus far, my interaction with your firm has been a pleasant one, especially the assistance I've received from my representative. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and represents your organization as a true professional. If the start of our relationship is indicative of the future, I expect it to be long lasting. Thanks again."

Wendy C., Garner NC

"US Merchant Systems has been our processor for the past three years. They are very knoledgeable about different products and services. Our representative checks in with us periodically to see if there is anything he can do to better service our account. Due to the quality of service provided by US Merchant Systems, we have referred many of our business members."

Sylvia V., Hercules CA

"Thank you for your help with setting up my clients. They are one company with 7 different divisions and getting each one set up and webinars for each of them was a real challenge and I really appreciate your help. Looking forward to sending you more referrals and hope we can continue a long relationship. When my clients are happy with services I refer them to, it helps make me look good as well. Thanks again."

Kellie B., Fremont CA

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