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About USMS

Headquartered in Fremont California, US Merchant Systems was founded in 1992 by three entrepreneurs all of whom previously owned and operated small businesses. Since the company's beginning, US Merchant Systems has grown into a major national provider of merchant services having served the needs of more than 100,000 businesses throughout the US.

The founders, Lawrence S. Cohn- Chairman, Stuart H. Rosenbaum- CEO, and Richard L. Fenn II- COO, founded US Merchant Systems (USMS) on a simple principal: small businesses deserve the level of service and competitive pricing previously only available to larger companies. Inherent in the company's daily operations is its philosophy, reflected in its mission statement:

"To Provide our Clients with Payment Solutions and Service Beyond Their Expectations"

"Our mission statement is not just a slogan, it's been our guiding principle throughout the last two decades of our business." -Stuart Rosenbaum, CEO

Today USMS serves the needs of all types of businesses throughout the US and Internationally including retail, restaurant, fast food, e-commerce, service, business to business, government sector, automotive, medical, dental, golf, hospitality, mobile, and nearly every conceivable sector. The solutions provided by USMS encompass all types of technology requirements whether online, simple terminal solutions, sophisticated point of sale systems and software, recurring billing, and specialized processing needs for all types of businesses.

The company offers a vast array of additional products and solutions designed to save money or generate new income streams for its clients including, check guarantee and verification systems, gift and loyalty card solutions, consumer and business financing, accounting and payroll services, and more.

Executive Team

icon-larryLarry Cohn, Chairman & Co-Founder: Prompted by the desire to offer fast, high-quality service to merchants, Mr. Cohn co-founded in 1992 and has served as Board Chairman since 2007. With 35 years of sales and management experience, he successfully recruited and trained national sales reps producing several million in revenues. Mr. Cohn also established key relationships with 10 major banks resulting in sales that have consistently ranked the company as #1 among industry-related independent sales organizations. In 1998, Mr. Cohn assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer. In 1995, Mr. Cohn co-founded IntelliPAY and sat on its Board until the company was sold. Prior to working in the transaction processing industry, Mr. Cohn owned and operated 3 restaurants in the Bay Area. In 1997, Mr. Cohn had the honor of speaking at the Governor's Conference on Business in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was listed in the Who's Who in the Northwest in 1997. Mr. Cohn earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Education from New England College in 1977. His written works are published in several literary magazines, including the final issue of Britain's Littack Magazine, now treasured by collectors.

Exec_StuStuart Rosenbaum, Co-Founder & CEO: In 1992, Mr. Rosenbaum combined his many years of sales and marketing expertise with years of credit and financial management to co-found US Merchant Systems. He held the position of VP of Sales until 1994 when he assumed the role of CEO. Mr. Rosenbaum has successfully expanded the company from a start-up operation with only $1,000 in capital to deploy, to a national company, employing hundreds of agents and employees. His business development and strategic alliance strategies have helped the company serve more than 100,000 clients since 1992, and process billions in credit and debit card transactions. Mr. Rosenbaum also co-founded IntelliPay- a leading internet payment gateway, IntelliCash- an ATM sales and service company, and Payquake- a low cost on-line payment solution. Mr. Rosenbaum attended Temple University and Stockton State University where he studied economics.

Exec_RustyRichard L. "Rusty" Fenn II, Co-Founder & COO: Mr. Fenn co-founded U.S. Merchant Systems in 1991. His principal responsibility is running the day to day activities of the Company. Mr. Fenn also chairs the Executive Committee and is responsible for each consecutive department from Account Processing all the way through to Install. Mr. Fenn has a B.S. in Biochemistry from Pacific Union College and attended law school at Peninsula University.

Exec_JeffJeff Gardiner, CFO: Mr. Gardiner joined U.S. Merchant Systems as Chief Financial Officer in 2000. Mr. Gardiner was the CEO and a Director of Burlingame Bank & Trust where he led the bank through its critical start-up period resulting in growth and profitability far above the industry norm. Mr. Gardiner also served as Managing Director of Capitol Bay Securities where he supervised investment banking, including underwriting and financial analysis. His duties at U.S. Merchant Systems include Finance and Accounting. Mr. Gardiner has a B.S. from the University of California and a MBA from the University of Santa Clara.